Ultrasound & Digital X-ray

A picture of your pet's health

If your pet is feeling unwell finding answers quickly with diagnostic tools is vital for treatment and recovery

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from inside the body.


An ultrasound scan is a common and non-invasive tool used to evaluate the structure and health of internal organs. This procedure is effective for diagnosing abdominal and heart problems and can also detect abdominal fluid, tumours, foreign bodies and other organ-related issues. Ultrasound can be also used to monitor/evaluate pregnancy. A gel is applied to a shaved area, and a handheld probe is placed onto the skin for thorough examination. The procedure takes around 20-30 minutes and is often done without sedation.

Digital X-ray allows us to take pictures of bones/joints and soft tissue inside the body.


Our advanced digital x-ray machine enables us to take high resolution digital images of the body. This is especially important in diagnosing broken or fractured bones, joint injuries and disease. Digital x-rays can also identify heart, lung and abdominal diseases. Results are available quickly and can be shared digitally with specialists if required.

What happens before and during an ultrasound or x-ray?


Most patients will be with us for the day and can be booked in by contacting us. Once the procedure is complete we will give you a call to book an appointment for our veterinarians to discuss the findings and implement a treatment plan for your pet.