Health Checks

Assess how they feel with a routine annual health check

Dogs and cats age more rapidly than humans. Regular health checks can identify and prevent life-threatening illnesses & disease.

Taking a proactive approach with routine health checks is an important part of pet care. Pets are living longer than ever, and no doubt we want them to live the most healthy and happy life. Annual health checks allow us to develop a complete picture of your pet’s health. This includes a thorough nose-to-tail physical examination and may include bloodwork or urine testing to check for any underlying issues. Health Checks are also routinely performed as part of your pet’s annual vaccinations.

Routine Health Checks may include:
Physical Examination

Dental Health Assessment

Heart and Chest Auscultation

Parasite Check (Fleas, Worms, Etc.)

Blood Test (optional)

Urine Test (optional)

Behavioural Assessment

Diet/Lifestyle Assessment