A routine procedure with many benefits

Desexing is an important routine procedure that provides health and behavioural benefits.

Desexing is a routine surgery that prevents unplanned litters of puppies or kittens. The procedure involves the removal of reproductive organs. In female pets, it is referred to as a ‘spey’ and in males a ‘castrate’. We recommend dogs and cats undergo this surgery no earlier than 5-6 months of age.


Desexed pets in general have an increased life expectancy and are at reduced risk of developing several illnesses (cancer, uterine infections, prostate issues). Desexing your pet can also improve their ability to socialise with other dogs.


We understand that surgery can be an anxious time for you and your pet. Our vets and nurses are highly trained for this routine procedure, and your pet will be provided with the best care both pre and post-surgery. Desexing is generally a day procedure and you can expect to drop off your pet in the morning and be reunited in the evening. We will also provide them with pain medications during and after the procedure to ensure a good recovery.