Senior Care

Peace of mind for your ageing pet

It is important to keep your pet healthy and comfortable during their twilight years.


As your pet begins to age it is more important to maintain their health and wellbeing. Along with an annual health check, we recommend regular blood/urine tests and will discuss more specific health issues relevant to their age.


We also recommend supplementing senior diets with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM products along with omega fatty acids.  Please speak to us to discuss the best options for your pet.  Cartrophen injections are also an option that can be administered by one of our veterinarians.


Blood & Urine Test – This allows us to assess organ function (kidney, liver, bladder etc) and identify any problem areas before they cause any significant health issues.

Osteoarthritis Assessment – We will assess your pet’s musculoskeletal system more thoroughly. Older animals are more likely to have osteoarthritis in the elbows, hips and spine. This can lead to stiffness, loss of muscle mass and lameness/pain.

Oral health Assessment – Older pets have older teeth and gums. We may recommend a dental clean to fix any issues or remove any painful and infected teeth before they lead to more serious disease.

Abdominal Ultrasound – While not done routinely, abdominal ultrasound can be used to assess internal structures including the liver, kidneys and stomach (and even the heart!) for signs of disease including cancer.

Blood Pressure Check – We may recommend assessing your pet’s blood pressure to identify any underlying health issues.