Cat Boarding

All cats deserve a holiday

We offer affordable and comfortable cat accommodation

We love it when your feline babies come to stay with us. Our large cat condos are specially designed with separate areas for eating, sleeping and pooping! They can also be combined to make a mega condo mansion! Each of our feline guests gets extra attention from staff with daily cuddles and play-time with toys if they so desire. Guests are also encouraged to explore and play in our secure cattery to ensure they get the stimulation and exercise they need and deserve. Our facilities are fully air-conditioned.


We can also provide health checks, vaccinations, preventative treatments etc or perhaps a dental clean during their stay with us. Pick up and drop off is during regular business hours.


For a quote and availability please contact us here. Holiday periods are normally fully booked so make sure you contact us 4-6 weeks in advance during peak periods. If you would like a cattery tour feel free to book an appropriate time to come inspect the facilities we have for your furry child.